California Title 24

2016 California Title 24 Part 6 Control Device Requirements 

California Title 24 2016 and the contents of this online guide are intended for qualified electrical and low-voltage professionals with an existing understanding of electrical theory, terminology and safety practices. This includes electrical inspectors, electricians, electrical engineers and other similarly qualified professionals.  The code is not written to serve as an instructive or teaching manual for untrained individuals and is intended to be used as an overview for California Title 24 2016 Part 6 requirements and not as replacement for it.

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Note on Title 20: Part of the Appliance Efficiency Regulation that requires manufacturers to certify "self-contained" lighting control devices in order to comply with the California Code of Regulations. 

"Self-contained lighting control" means a unitary lighting control module where no additional components are required for it to be a fully functional lighting control. Self-contained lighting control includes an astronomical time-switch control; an automatic daylight control; an automatic time-switch control; a dimmer; a lighting photo control; or an occupant sensing device.